GlobalX Terrain is changing to Dye & Durham Terrain

GlobalX Terrain is excited to announce that on the 1st May we will be rebranding to Dye & Durham Terrain. Last year GlobalX Terrain joined with Dye & Durham the worlds leading supplier of cloud-based software and technology solutions for the legal and property industries. In Australia, Dye & Durham was created with the merging of GlobalX and SAI Global providing legal, property and financial professionals with regulatory information, workflow technology, property settlement services and legal support solutions.

Dye & Durham Terrain will continue to provide customers with the same market-leading solutions and exceptional customer service they have always received. We will continue to innovate and develop the platform offering a smarter more efficient way to access the information needed by surveyors and property planning professionals every day.




Will there be any other changes besides the brand name?

The only change that is occurring is the brand name and the change of Legal Entity Name to Dye & Durham Terrain Pty Ltd. You will notice on the invoice the change of legal name to Dye & Durham Terrain Pty Ltd although there is no change to our ACN, ABN or bank account details.


Will I see any changes when I login to Terrain?

Apart from the new brand and some new colours the platform and the way you search won’t change.


Will my login details change?

No. You will still use the same login credentials although the login url will be updated to We will have a redirect on from the old login page.


Are there any changes to the Terrain Team I deal with?

No. The same team and excellent customer service won’t change. We have an updated customer support email address which is and will redirect any emails sent to the new customer support inbox. There will be no change to our customer support contact phone number.

Contact us today and discover the Dye & Durham Terrain way!