Property Ownership Monitoring

Dye & Durham Terrain’s unique Property Monitoring Solution allows professionals to track changes in ownership of properties in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Daily alerts will notify users when a change occurs on the title at the Land Registry Authority, allowing users to update their information immediately and continue to monitor the details of the new property owner.

Alert notifications are automatically provided in the Terrain platform as well as by an email to nominated users that an action is required.

Get notified of changes in property ownership with Dye & Durham Terrain

Terrain’s Title Monitoring Solution has delivered significant value to Powerlink’s Property Team and the wider Powerlink business. We now have greater confidence in the accuracy of the land owner information in our property database. Quick notification of ownership changes means we can manage landholder notifications and relations more effectively, resulting in more accurate and streamlined communication processes which are much more efficient.

– Brandon Kingwill, Powerlink Queensland

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