Instant Access To Digital Plans

In an industry first, Australian surveying and planning professionals will now be able to access Digital Plans via GlobalX Terrain’s online property information platform.

The GlobalX Terrain platform will provide professionals with instant access to over 600,000 registered plans in New South Wales. When a plan image is ordered through the online platform, clients will also automatically receive a copy of the LandXML file at no additional cost.

Executive General Manager of GlobalX Terrain, Murray Walter said the latest offering is set to save professionals a significant amount of time and reduce errors in their work through process automation.

“Surveying and planning professionals can feel at ease knowing their plans can now be easily checked online to quickly reach compliance, helping them to avoid the requisitions and re-work that commonly delay projects,” Mr. Walter said.

“Along with reducing the time it takes to get a project to field, digital plans also highlight errors and enable certain mathematical checks to be completed automatically, further increasing efficiencies and providing that extra bit of reassurance to professionals and their clients.”

Client Services Director of the NSW Land Registry Services, Jason Popkowski said this offering is just the start for the Australian surveying industry.

“The land and property industry has undergone great transformation with eConveyancing over the past decade, especially in the last 12-months.” Mr. Popkowski said.

“The next exciting stage of this evolution will ensure the surveying industry drives with confidence into a new digital age with digital plans as the first part of NSW LRS’ Digital Transformation Project.

“That’s why we’re delighted to be trialing this offering and industry first with GlobalX Terrain, a company that shares our values of driving digital transformation in the land and property industry.”

Surveying and planning professionals interested in finding out more information on digital plans, what the benefits are and how to access them, are invited to watch the joint webinar between GlobalX Terrain and NSW Land Registry Services.


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